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Pause, take a deep breath, & check in.
How are YOU feeling?

It’s easy to get caught up in the distractions of daily life, but when you stop long enough to truly listen the subtle messages start to arise.

Is your brilliant body and inner wisdom telling you something just isn’t right?

Don’t worry. You are exactly where you need to be. Discomfort on any level is simply one of the first signs that you are outgrowing where you’ve been: mentally, physically, maybe even spiritually…

Is it time for something different?

Would you welcome a fresh approach, renewed focus, broadened perspective…
Are you ready to remove the obstacles to your health, joy, ease, passion, peace… Will you answer the calling to

You don’t need all the answers to start on your next healing journey.

You simply need to draw your line in the sand, COMMIT to growing your capacity for self-love, and dedicate yourself to radical self-care! You are a sacred being with infinite potential so gather your strength, move forward with purpose, and RECLAIM YOUR LIFE!

Pause, take a deep breath... pic

Years of conditioning telling you that this divine shift is selfish?

It’s called self-preservation, love. Thriving in this life requires dedication to yourself above all else. When you do the work to heal yourself, you are no longer at the mercy of the world. You are the author of your own story.

You can only be the friend, sister, daughter, mother, partner, activist, entrepreneur, teammate, or guide that you feel called to be if YOU ARE HEALTHY AND STRONG.

And where else would you start other than at the foundation? Your beautiful body is the vessel that carries your soul through this life. Its innate wisdom and synchronistic dance of internal systems sees you through each day, allowing you to adapt and upgrade as the ebb and flow of life requires.

Take a moment to honor how much work this takes, especially as of late. Show your body some love! Work with it instead of against it! Indulge in nourishment on all levels! Optimize your digestion so you can assimilate not only your nutrients but your experiences and their teachings! Eliminate the metaphorical and literal waste from your temple regularly!

Make a pact with your fabulous body that you will work together in partnership so that you can feel your best! YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Are you ready to claim the life you are here to live?

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China Rose & AJ

Who We Are

We are traveling medicine women in our flow, passionate ecowarrior sustainability seekers with a holistic approach to life, conscious creatrixes happy to set the table for healing, & so much more! (You should see how many hats fit in a tiny house!)

We’ve manifested a life where we prioritize experiences, travel, connecting with other inspired folx on collaborative projects, communing with nature, growing, cooking, and eating delicious, nourishing food, practicing herbal alchemy, laughter, HAVING FUN, immersing ourselves in art and life-giving music (from folk to hip hop), & gathering honored wisdom from cultures around the world.

We’re on a mission to support the health of our growing community with our intuition, curated knowledge, and 25 + years of experience at the helm.

Each woman is biochemically unique, so that there is no cookie-cutter approach to health and wellness. You deserve to be seen and supported like the beautiful individual that you are!

What We Do

We are passionate about supporting WOMEN OF ALL AGES in:

  • Building awareness about the intricacies of our beautiful, unique, amazing bodies
  • Interpreting the messages our bodies give us every day
  • Prioritizing our self-care without guilt or apology
  • Understanding all of our healthcare options so we can make informed, confident decisions
  • Learning how to reduce and cope with the undue stresses of life
  • Nourishing ourselves with real food
  • Reclaiming the plant medicine wisdom of our ancestors to care for ourselves and our families
  • Working with the earth to grow our own food and medicine
  • Leading with love for ourselves and our communities

Our offerings include:

  • A flourishing collection of innovative herbal products
  • Awakening workshops to demystify wellness and empower women in their self-care/healthcare
  • Transformational retreats to immerse women in their greatness, open their worlds to new ways of being, and initiate positive, sustainable change
  • Global support, guidance, and initiation for individual women who feel called to CREATE REAL WELLNESS
What we Do - China Rose Wellness

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