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Women are powerful!

My mama proved that to me as I watched her lovingly bring my brother and sister into the world at home, among family, without any pain medication.

I was exposed to strong female leads, women musicians who rocked, and fierce women who unapologetically spoke their mind at marches & rallies throughout my blossoming years.

At 19, I became a birth doula and I’m honored to have borne witness to numerous women digging deep into their well of strength, proving to themselves, and their loved ones, that women’s bodies are nothing less than miraculous.

You can understand then why it upsets me to the core to witness individuals, corporations, medical institutions, and governments attempts to diminish women’s power!

This is the essence that inspired China Rose Wellness!

It is our mission to celebrate each woman’s power, intelligence, unique beauty, divine capacity for growth & healing, and ability to choose what is right for her amazing body based on having ALL the information.

When China Rose Wellness was born in early 2009 I was offering one-on-one holistic consultations in my cute little office in downtown Napa California. I gave talks in the community and introduced the public to holistic health options via a local, weekly, radio slot. AJ joined the business in 2013 broadening our services to include functional fitness training, group coaching programs, and eventually sustainable living education.

It has been a journey for China Rose Wellness to become the women’s health resource we are today! I’m proud to say that we support women all over the world, lead inspirational workshops to empower women in their healthcare, and facilitate transformational retreats to unite fabulous souls in enriching community!


It feeds my soul to help women understand the beauty and intricacies of their bodies so that they feel empowered at their core and can kick ass at life!

China Rose Zamora, FNTP, CCH, RYT

Functional nutritional therapist, clinical herbalist, and yoga teacher

My exposure to whole foods and natural medicine started early, eventfully marked by my whole grain 1st birthday cake sweetened with honey!

I can remember the fragrant herbal teas that my mama made, the trips to the health food store full of interesting things to look at, thinking carob was chocolate during my early years, and spending afternoons in the garden.

As a teenager, I had to rebel of course! I ate processed food, way too much sugar, and drank more coffee than any growing adolescent needs! I started having terrible digestive trouble, acne, and big shifts in my mood. 

My blossoming love of nature inspired me to investigate natural methods to address my symptoms and I felt extremely motivated that by drinking more water, eating more natural, whole foods, and taking some of the medicinal herbs I was learning about I felt better!  So by the time I reached my early 20s, I had come full circle: HOOKED and hungry for more!

Throughout my 20’s and into my 30’s I enthusiastically added to my holistic toolbox. I was certified as a clinical herbalist by Michael Moore of the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine in 2000 and as a functional nutritional therapist by the Nutritional Therapy Association in 2009.

My evolving passions led me to focus my studies on aspects of women’s health like fertility awareness, and preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum wellness as a birth doula.

I am keenly aware of the optimism, commitment, and perseverance takes to be on a journey to wellness. After many years as a type A small business owner (and discovering that I was living in a moldy house), I realized that I was feeling tired and foggy-brained all the time and was eventually diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune thyroid disease. I would still be in that debilitating place if I hadn’t discovered the rejuvenating, holistic tools that I now love sharing with other women!

While searching for ways to balance my stress, yoga presented itself as the perfect ally. I was so amazed at the physical & emotional benefits that I received that I decided to become a certified yoga teacher in the Raja tradition by Yoga Community in Sonoma, California in 2016. I can’t explain how much depth this has added to the way I support clients!

I feel blessed to say that I love my work! I’m so grateful that I get to make a positive contribution towards my community’s health on a daily basis and that I work in a genre of medicine that not only has its roots deep in our history but continues to develop and blossom as time goes on.

For those willing to challenge themselves to create positive changes in their lives, I'm here to inspire them to live simply, experience the enjoyment of movement, & revel in the increased vigor that REAL food brings... and it's totally possible by taking it one step at a time.

AJ Zamora, CPT, FTS, Pn1, PDC1

Certified personal trainer, functional training specialist, Precision Nutrition coach, permaculture practitioner

I developed a curiosity about natural medicine at a very young age. I was a bit of a sickly kid with weak lungs, constant stomach aches, & joint issues and as I got older my allergies & digestive symptoms got more severe. The doctor’s prescriptions never offered relief, so I went back to my roots, remembering the healing power of nature that my great grandparents instilled in me. After changing my diet and utilizing natural supplements & herbs I was amazed at the improvements in my health, energy and vitality! My original goal was to heal myself but the more I learned about how food can be our medicine I wanted to share it with all my friends & family.

Throughout my life several of my loved ones have been unwell or clinically obese. I wanted to inspire and help them learn how to take care of themselves. While gathering as much knowledge as I could, my passion turned into a lifestyle, then, eventually into my profession as a functional fitness trainer.

Between my experience as a certified nurse’s assistant with Kaiser and my pursuit of a Masters in Kinesiology with a focus on exercise science, wellness, & nutrition, I realized just how much our health education system is influenced by “big pharma”.

This inspired me to walk a preventative medicine path to help people stay healthy and prevent illness. I decided to dedicate my entire adult life to education in the foundations of health, wellness, and functional movement.

Having been in the health and fitness industry since 1992, I can easily say that I’ve settled into my role as a functional fitness coach and your sustainable living go-to!

I have advised professional athletes, supported both naturopathic and medical doctors as a nutritional supplement consultant, and offered public education around wellness and food. As a permaculture practitioner I am also an intuitive, creative, culinary hobbyist, passionate about combining beautiful flavors, colors & whole food ingredients. Incorporating functional movement into gardening as well as helping folks rekindle their interest in cooking & growing their own nutrient dense food has become another way I support my clients! Adding a Victory Garden is a fun, stress reducing, & sustainable way to grow your own food while bolstering your vitality!

 I’ve found a way to combine many of my passions & talents in how I support folks and want my life to be more than the “job” I hold; I’m on a mission to be the change! I want to live in a world where my stone’s ripple effect creates such a powerful impact that more people learn how to stop working for the weekend, live healthfully, stress free, and be completely present. And maybe, just maybe, create a few ripples of their own.