Elderberry is the perfect herb to have on hand if the flu lands at your front door! A plethora of studies report that it not only helps to reduce acute symptoms, but it has preventative benefits as well!

Makes even more sense to add it to your daily regimen when you learn that it’s high in vitamins A & C, the flavonoids quercetin & rutin, AND anthocyanins: a powerful antioxidant that promotes immune system function!

This is all in addition to Elderberry’s ability to support the cardiovascular system, improve eye health, and reduce the physical effects of stress!

When you’re looking for daily multitasking support, that just so happens to also taste great in herbal mocktails, our Elderberry tincture will deliver every time!


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Ingredients: Organic Elderberry fruit (Sambucus nigra)

Other Ingredients: grain alcohol, deionized water

Formula Ratio: 1:2

Serving Size: 500 mg/ 1 ml (approx. 30 drops)

Servings Per Container: 59

Bottle size: 59 ml / 2 oz.

Suggested Use: 30 drops 1-3 times per day or as needed, on its own or in a shot of water or tea

Note: No known contraindications.


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