Nails, Toes, Soles, Heels ~ Foot Scrub & Soak

Nothing says self-care like an herbal foot bath!

Use a generous amount of this therapeutic scrub on your well-deserving feet over a foot bath basin filled with warm water. That way you can double dip by following up with a luxurious Epsom salt soak immediately afterward! The scents of lavender, chamomile, rose, and white sage will literally melt your stress and tension away!

Indulge after a long day on your feet or as part of an herbal spa day at home with your besties… Treat yoself!


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Ingredients: Epsom salts, Lavender flowers, White sage leaves (cultivated), comfrey root, calendula flowers, plantain leaf, Chamomile flowers♡, Rose petals♡, olive oil, tamanu oil, lavender essential oil, & LOVE

Jar size: 120 ml / 4 oz. (2-3 uses)

Optimal Use: Use the scrub on your feet over a foot bath basin filled with warm water so that we can do a foot soak immediately afterward.

Key: ♡ Certified organic, ♢ Ethically wild harvested


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