Spring Rejuvenation

Tap into the rejuvenative energy of the season! Just as many of us are starting to see signs of life re-emerging in nature, our own bodies are sending us signals that it’s time to “lighten the load”.

Are you feeling a bit BLAH coming out of the overindulgence & sedentary nature of the winter holidays? Are symptoms like fatigue, digestive discomfort, weight gain, headaches, allergies, brain fog, trouble sleeping, PMS, or achiness your body’s way of saying, “HELP!”? Or maybe you are turning over a new leaf and would love to have some support in making healthy, sustainable changes in your life.


This, rich, budget friendly experience was created for women who

  • Want to boost their overall sense of vitality
  • Aren’t sure where to start (or where to jump back onboard) when it comes to making healthy food choices
  • Are trying to kick processed food to the curb without sacrificing enjoyment
  • Are tired of feeling tired & are searching for answers
  • Have the desire to make positive lifestyle changes but are lacking support
  • Are interested in learning how to incorporate herbs into their daily life
  • May have worked with us in the past and would love a “refresher course”
  • Are determined to have a happy, healthy spring, summer, and beyond!


Learn more below!



Food can be your medicine if you let it!  Whole, REAL foods are chock-full of vitamins & minerals, in addition to components that act as catalysts to assist your body in ridding unwanted excess. By understanding the pathways that your body uses to eliminate waste & toxins naturally, and focusing on the foods that work for you (not against you), you will be well on your way to feeling your best! In addition to this REAL food foundation, including medicinal herbs and positive lifestyle shifts unlock your body’s dynamic potential! Spring Rejuvenation.

Sound complicated? You’re not alone, and that’s where we can help! You know the benefits of eating healthy food and getting on a healthier path, but where do you start? How do you stay motivated?

During the Spring Rejuvenation course you will receive multiple wellness gems that will help you build new, healthy habits one day at a time. We’ve done the research legwork for you so all you need to do is be open to the awesome possibilities and willing to fine-tune your routine. The support of the private Facebook group is a bonus. We gotchu!

By the last module you will be ready to design and implement a custom, rejuvenating spring cleanse! So many women have come to us asking about detox programs & cleanse products that they’ve read about online. Again, we’ve done the research. Many of the approaches out there are either extreme, ineffective on their own, or simply jumping the gun.

The real question is what foods and holistic tools can you focus on to support your body’s own capacity for detoxification? Without building the healthy foundation that this Spring Rejuvenation course will provide, the detox supplements, fasting, and juice cleanses that are all the rage might not only cause harm to some but will be short-term fixes at best, not long-term solutions.


Get to Know Your Pathways of Elimination

  • Liver: Metabolizes toxins into forms that can be easily escorted out of your body
  • Lymphatic System: Filters out bacteria & muck
  • Lungs: Removes waste carbon dioxide
  • Circulatory System: The “super-highway” that carries substances to your organs for processing
  • Kidneys: Act as filters and produce urine so that rubbish can leave your body
  • Colon: Processes & consolidates the “crap” and escorts it out ; )
  • Skin: Produces sweat to release toxins


What IS included in the Spring Rejuvenation course?

  • A multitude of holistic health gems including simple tips, time-saving strategies, focus foods, recipes, & resources
  • A strategic roadmap that brings clarity to seemingly complicated topics
  • Connection with your Spring Rejuvenation hive via a private Facebook community (optional)
  • Clear options and live support in designing your own custom, spring cleanse
  • Fun giveaways!


What’s NOT included?

  • Rigidity
  • Dogma
  • Hype
  • Extremism


You have enough pressure & stressors in your life so this is not a “challenge”. It’s an opportunity to tap into some foundational information at a realistic pace with no judgment or fear of failure. Do what you can and gather what you need. Every step builds your vitality. This is YOUR experience!



  • The sooner you sign up the sooner you’ll be able to jump into the Facebook group and access that treasure trove of support as needed. Remember, we’re in this together!
  • You can sign up at any time, move through the modules at your own pace, gather the valuable tools at your convenience, and access the support of the group as needed.


By the time you’ve finished the modules, implementing what you’ve learned along the way, your body will be thanking you for all the positive changes you’ve made and you will be well on the path to CREATING REAL WELLNESS!


“I’ve tried to get on a healthier path so many times, only to feel totally overwhelmed and frustrated. Spring Rejuvenation was so different! Having daily support for 30 days made it possible for me to make changes that turned into new, healthy habits! Yay!” 

~ Spring Rejuvenation participant, 2018


“Don’t let the price fool you! I couldn’t believe how much valuable information China Rose & AJ provided over the course of a month. It was so nice to open my email each day to see new tips & information that I could easily incorporate. The Facebook group continues to be a great support system too.”

~ Spring Rejuvenation participant, 2020


“I want to thank you both! This has been the re-set I needed. I already do a lot of what you suggest but I have also gained so much more knowledge and love all your tips! The way y’all explain everything is so refreshing for the time limited mama.”

~Spring Rejuvenation participant, March 2023


We’re so excited to support you on your Journey to Wellness!

Having been in the health and fitness industry for over twenty-five years, AJ settled into her role as a functional fitness coach and your green living go-to! Her travels continue to add to the tools she has to offer her clients, whether it be fitness, clean, simple living, or self-nourishment. As an intuitive, creative, culinary hobbyist, passionate about combining beautiful flavors, colors, and whole food ingredients, she loves helping folks rekindle their interest in cooking again!

China Rose is a student of life who has caught the wanderlust bug! She loves exploring, and being humbled by nature, learning from other cultures, rockin’ out to all kinds of music, from folk to hip hop, and being an adventurous culinary enthusiast!

As a teenager her love of nature and innate desire to help people lead her to discover holistic healthcare. Now, with over twenty years of education & experience on the books, she loves her life’s work as a functional nutritional therapist, clinical herbalist, and yoga teacher!  It feeds her soul to help women understand the beauty and intricacies of their bodies so that they feel empowered at their core and can kick ass at life!

They have a thriving practice and support clients all over the world through remote coaching, inspirational workshops, & transformational retreats!