Stevia Chocolate

We’ve used Stevia as one of the alternatives to refined sugar in our household for years! We love adding this chocolate one to herbal mocktails, tea, plain yogurt, chia pudding, shakes, homemade desserts, and more!

The Stevia plant naturally has a sweet flavor but it is non-glycemic meaning that it doesn’t contain any sugar. This makes it a safe choice for diabetics and other folks looking to limit their sugar intake.

It has been said that Stevia is 300 times sweeter than sugar so this 2 oz. bottle will go a long way. I only use 2-3 single drops in my morning tea!

Some folks have mentioned that they don’t enjoy the taste of stevia. In most of those cases we’ve discovered that they’ve either been using way too much or what they were using is the super refined/concentrated Reb A version of Stevia that is often blended with sugar alcohols like erythritol.

What it comes down to is that using herbs as close to their natural state is best and a little goes a long way : )


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Ingredients: Selectively Imported Stevia Leaf Extract 90% steviocides (Stevia rebaudiana) 

Other Ingredients: vegetable glycerine, deionized water, natural chocolate flavor

Serving Size: 7 drops

Servings Per Container: 290

Bottle size: 59 ml / 2 oz.

Suggested Use: Add 2-7 drops as needed to food or beverage. Adjust amount as desired.

Note: No known contraindications.


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