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We are a small business and we make our products in small batches therefore our return policy is conservative. We cannot resell returned products because 1) we cannot ensure that returned items have not been tampered with, and 2) herbal products are subject to damage with excessive exposure to heat, light, and oxygen and we can’t monitor how they are handled once they’ve been delivered.

If within 7 days of when your order is delivered you open the package and find that any of the bottles have broken during shipping we are happy to ship out replacement product via USPS Priority once 1) you email us clear, satisfactory pictures of the damaged product to comply with the insurance claim process, and 2) all damaged items are in stock so they can ship together.

If within 7 days of when your package is delivered you discover that we have made an error in your order we will exchange the incorrect product for the one that you ordered and pay for the returned item shipment.

All of our products are shipped via USPS Priority and are trackable. Please ensure that you enter the correct address and contact information when placing your order. If you realize that you made a mistake contact us immediately to correct it as we tend to ship within 24 hours unless the order is received on a Friday afternoon Pacific time. If you track your order and it has not arrived when it said it did contact us right away. In this situation, according to USPS terms, the $50 insurance automatically included with USPS Priority packages will not be reimbursed unless you (the receiver) investigate the details of delivery via the post office on your end. If the original delivery is indeed covered by the USPS insurance policy we are happy to replace your order. We will not be responsible for damage or loss that occurs to goods shipped again to a different destination beyond the original shipping address provided on the order.

Though we do not offer refunds or exchanges in any situation it is important to us that you are happy with the quality herbal products you purchase from us. If you have questions about how to experience the optimal benefits from the herbs you chose please reach out to us.

It’s also helpful to understand that as amazing as medicinal herbs are, they can’t pull ALL the weight in alleviating symptoms or correcting imbalances when on a Journey to Wellness. They are wonderful, supportive allies as we make the logistical and lifestyle changes that set the stage for them to do their jobs efficiently.

Thank you for your support!