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When was the last time you got to FOCUS ON YOU and prioritize YOUR needs?

There’s no cookie-cutter approach to vital health. You deserve to be seen and supported like the individual you are!

We offer consistent, customized care to women all over the world through remote consultations via phone and Zoom. Let’s remove the obstacles to your vitality!

Women seek out our holistic health programs to gain education and support through some of the most common health concerns:

Do you resonate with any of these?
Let’s dig up their roots instead of just pruning the leaves!

Your Holistic Health Program

After supporting women for more than 20 years we know that wellness doesn’t come in a pill, even if it’s a vitamin, mineral or medicinal herb.

Together we will untangle the web and tune in to the type of support your body is asking for. We’ll help you strategize and create a life focused on feeling good! Think of this as your personal wellness intensive focused on self-love, self-respect, self-advocacy, and self-care.

Imagine yourself...

CRW- Yoga

Indulging in yoga customized for your body and building your meditation toolkit for physical and emotional stress relief.


Tuning in to the way your needs change with the seasons to allow a healthy flow through your year.

Imagine Yourself #3

Creating your own home medicine cabinet so that you’re prepared for anything that comes your way.


Planning a victory garden so you can grow your own food and medicine.

Your journey to wellness will be customized to your
needs, desires, and goals.

I have been going to doctors and getting numerous tests for years and was still left undiagnosed and frustrated. China Rose listened and was sensitive to my story. Her program for me was natural, holistic, organic and herbal, which is what I believe in. I am feeling better and am on the right path. She is extremely knowledgeable and intelligent about the human body and keeping it in balance. If you are continuing on your journey of healing then visit with China Rose. I wish she was my first stop 14 years ago when my imbalances and digestive issues began.

We design your plan together!

Your journey starts with your application. Once you’ve filled it out, we will schedule a 30-minute discovery session (with a $75 deposit) where you:

  • Gain a broader, more holistic perspective of your health situation
  • Learn about the tools and methods we could implement in your care
  • Get to know us to make sure we will make a good team

If we both decide it’s a fabulous fit we can then create a customized plan to work towards achieving your goals!

Phases of Our Holistic Health Program

As holistic health practitioners it’s our goal to help you foster a healthy relationship with your body and your own healing journey. We recognize the value of asking rich questions and hearing your story.

We take into consideration ALL nuances of your health such as history, eating habits, emotions associated with food, movement, environment, stress level, sleep, sensitivities, hormonal symptoms, and more when creating perspective of your health situation and a customized roadmap to wellness.

Continuing education is our jam so we strive to keep abreast of all the new information rising to the surface while remaining rooted in the traditional methods that have been proven safe and effective for generations. By drawing upon this deep pool of information, we can help you decide what will fit your individual needs and get you the results you’re looking for!

Once we decide that we will make a good team for this empowering, life-affirming work we will commit upfront to meeting virtually every other week and working together for an agreed upon length of time so that you feel truly supported throughout your healing process. We will walk through these three phases of care in this transformational work:

Phase 1: Learning

Phases of Care #1

We’ll define what it means to live holistically, inspiring you to take the steps you need to reach your goals. We will work on grounding in your now, identifying your “why”, and setting intentions for the sustainable changes you want to make.

Then we’ll start gathering information and sifting through all the “clues” to help us get to the bottom of your unique health “mystery”. Learning about how your amazing body functions (basic anatomy & physiology) and the obstacles that can stand in its way provides the welcomed clarity that will help you stay motivated.

Reviewing past lab work and/or considering new, relevant tests provides additional perspective. Options include (but aren’t limited to)

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)
  • The Gastrointestinal Microbial Assay Plus (GI-MAP)
  • DUTCH or saliva hormone testing

Phase 2: Exploring

Phases of Care #2

We’ll review your test results together and design a custom nourishing food, nutritional supplement, medicinal herb, and lifestyle plan with your goals in mind.

We’ll start by focusing on the foundations of wellness with a “one step at a time” approach.

  • Customizing hydration
  • Optimizing digestion & nutrient absorption/utilization
  • Reclaiming rejuvenating sleep
  • Recognizing stress handling patterns and ways to reduce & balance its negative effects
  • Considering ways to incorporate functional movement into your daily life
  • Clearing pathways of elimination to support your body’s ability to detoxify

Together, we’ll then explore the good, the bad, & the ugly of each food group to determine which foods will best serve your body and which foods will hold you back.

Then we’ll strategize about the logistics of meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and healthy meal/food delivery to meet your busy schedule, along with building a road map to eating out for your success.

Phase 3: Implementing

Phases of care #3

Once the seeds are planted we’ll focus on grounding in your new, healthy habits so that you can create sustainable change in your life! It’s all about helping you take the steps you need to incorporate your new tools in a way that feels realistic and intuitive for you.

We’ll continue to fine tune your customized nutritional & herbal support as your body responds, changes, & blossoms. Staying consistent IS KEY and will be a breeze because you’ll have access to our online supplement & herb apothecary and will receive an ongoing China Rose Wellness community discount!

Throughout your journey we’ll be checking in with the messages your body is giving you, and possibly doing retests, for opportunities to optimize your experience. What’s working? Are there challenges? Can we make helpful shifts in perspective or approach to help you succeed? Oh, and we’ll celebrating every single win! (We love to celebrate!)

And don’t worry! Once your program is complete you’ll always have us on your wellness team so that we can make changes or address new concerns as needed. We love building long term relationships! Many of our clients have been with us for over 10 years!

What You Can Expect from Working with Us

I was wondering how remote coaching sessions would really work...but they do. China Rose is so knowledgeable and yet so kind and reasonable in her approach. She never makes you feel bad for not being 'perfect'! Her whole goal is to help you make smart, small steps to overall health and well-being. I love working with her and have seen improvements, as well as learning some things that frankly amazed me. I felt I was pretty up to date on most nutrition information, but she opened my eyes to what is really a 'good' fat as well as how to eat to get your adrenal system revved up. It has been a great experience! Thanks so much!