Herbal medicine is one of our passions! We love growing our medicine, teaching other women how to incorporate plant remedies into their lives, formulating products, cooking with culinary herbs, and using herbs in the care of our bodies & our home.

I went to herbalism school back in 2000 where I was trained in anatomy, physiology, botany (plant identification), herbal materia medica (the medicinal uses of plants), herb and drug interactions and contraindications, and formulation by the brilliant Michael Moore. That means I’ve enjoyed making herbal medicine for over 20 years!

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I love that using herbs brings us back to our roots by connecting us with the medicine our ancestors depended on. I also get excited about emerging science, including new studies that often prove what herbalists have known for generations: plants are powerful and should be respected.

We hope you enjoy our herbal offerings! Please reach out with any questions, requests for herbal education for your circle of women, or a burning desire to host an herbal mocktail party of your own : )


China Rose

Functional nutritional therapist, clinical (Western) herbalist, & yoga teacher

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