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You deserve to be the expert in the body you live in!
Join us in reclaiming the enriching women’s wisdom of generations past while weaving in the curated knowledge of today!

What if...

All this, and more, is possible when you feel empowered in your health!
Common symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, trouble sleeping, mood irregularity, and brain fog can arise during any phase of your life. They are your body’s way of communicating that its needs are not being met. You can either try to quiet and temporarily suppress these messages or you can accept the invitation to learn about your amazing physiology and decide to commit to the self-care you deserve!

This foundational approach to wellness can ensure that imbalances don’t have a chance to develop into deeper problems or help you retrace your steps back from the chronic condition you might have come to accept or even identify with.


You can only be the friend, sister, daughter, mother, partner, activist, entrepreneur, teammate, or guide that you feel called to be if YOU are healthy and strong!

When women have a deep understanding of their bodies and their health care options, they can make confident, informed decisions & lead empowered lives!


Your physical body is following a grand, sacred plan: a gracefully choreographed dance of hormones, transformation, and ultimately reinvention. Menarche, pregnancy, birth, and menopause are all rites of passage to be honored and celebrated! Gift yourself with renewed perspective and nourishing tools so that you can meet each phase of life with courage, reverence, and ease!


The experience surrounding your first period helped shape who you are as a woman today. Some of us were lucky enough to have women in our lives to hold that sacred space for us, explaining what it meant and how to care for ourselves.

Unfortunately, many of us experienced embarrassment and possibly shame surrounding what should have been a special time.

Let’s pave the way for a young woman in your life to love themselves and the beautiful intricacies of their bodies! Let’s teach them how to honor the rites of passage in their lives!

Contact us if you would like to

If your personal menarche experience did not usher you into womanhood with pride let’s curate a ceremony honoring the woman you are today!

Celebrating this rite of passage is healing no matter when you do it. It’s also extremely powerful if you’ve chosen to transition into womanhood later in life.

PMS, PCOS, Hypothyroid +

Cramps. Heavy bleeding. Headaches. Irritability. Mood swings.

While these PMS symptoms may be common, they are not “normal” and they don’t “automatically come with being a woman.”

These are signs that your body needs customized support.

Are you being heard?

Have you gone to your doctor with concerns about ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, or thyroid dysfunction and are not feeling heard or conventional approaches aren’t getting you answers or the results you deserve?

Holistic medicine has so much to offer! Tools like nutritional analysis, saliva hormone testing, stress-relief techniques, hormone balancing foods, customized medicinal herbs, and nutritional supplements allow us to truly address the foundations of these imbalances!

Contact us to reclaim your health and transition towards predictable, pain-free periods and Hormonal Harmony!

Birth control & Fertility Options

Did you know that by learning how to read your body’s signs of your fertility you can greatly improve your chances of either avoiding or achieving pregnancy?

Many young women are only introduced to synthetic hormone-based contraception options and don’t fully understand the possibility of side effects. We’re here to share that there is another choice that does not include nutrient depletion, hormonal imbalance, mental health impacts, and long-term side effects!

Natural fertility awareness is empowering! By learning how to identify your ovulation window you will know when you can become pregnant so that the choice is yours.

When this approach is used properly as a contraception method it is 97-99% effective in helping you to avoid pregnancy. This rate is similar to the effectiveness of “the pill” but without the side effects! It’s effective even if you have irregular periods, are breastfeeding, or are perimenopausal!

Our fertility awareness services

This training is great for young women, single folx, as well as hetero and queer couples! Schedule your consultation today.

Menopausal Wisdom

Menopause gets such a bad rap these days! You’ve heard the “horror stories” – sweats that will leave you soaked during an important meeting, debilitating insomnia, the persistent instinct to run away and live in a cave in the woods.

“The change” doesn’t automatically come with these frustrating symptoms:

Though these symptoms are common, they are not normal! They are signs that your body is asking for customized support.

Since hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can come with its own list of side effects depending on the situation, we’re in the business of helping women restore healthy function to their endocrine (hormonal) systems so they can produce more optimal levels of hormones on their own.

What about life after menopause? Many women believe that once they’ve stopped having a period their hormones are no longer playing a big role in their health. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

If you are experiencing these symptoms after menopause hormonal imbalance could be playing a role.

We provide nutritional & saliva hormone testing as easy and effective ways to assess your hormones & overall wellness.

This information provides us with the opportunity to support you with customized food, lifestyle, nutritional supplement, & medicinal herb options.

So, whether you are hoping to prepare for a healthy, smooth transition or you are in the thick of the experience, we’re here to help!

Celebrate menopause as a beautiful rite of passage by gifting yourself with customized, nourishing support! Connect with us to schedule your initial discovery session and learn about how you can reclaim your health!

Preconception Health

Parents-to-be are often taught that caring for their baby begins at conception; from the point that pregnancy has been confirmed the mother, or gestational parent, should be conscious of what goes into their body and what they’re exposed to, right? 

The truth is that many women go into pregnancy depleted of important vitamins and minerals. Many are struggling with health issues or imbalances that could affect their health and comfort during pregnancy in addition to their baby’s wellbeing. This is why it’s ideal to begin your pregnancy preparation anywhere from six months to one year prior to getting pregnant, though even three months of focused support can make a world of difference!

Our preconception services include:

Preconception healthcare can be a game-changer for women, gestational parents, & couples having a hard time getting pregnant or who have experienced miscarriage. Underlying health imbalances can play a big role in fertility challenges for all genders.

Contact us to learn how we can help you prepare for one of the most important and memorable times of your life!

We love supporting queer parents-to-be!

Creating this robust foundation for your family not only optimizes your health & solidifies your bond, but greatly improves your chances of getting pregnant via intracervical insemination (ICI), intrauterine insemination (IUI), or in vitro fertilization (IVF).


The period of time after you give birth is considered your “fourth trimester” for good reason. It is a pivotal time in your health and the wellbeing of your newborn! Your body has a deep requirement for rest and nourishment so that:

We’re here to help you create a game plan! What nourishing foods will you want on hand? What can you prepare and freeze ahead of time or ask loved ones to provide? Which medicinal herbs have been proven to support postpartum recovery over generations? How can you enlist your community in your care, logistically and emotionally?

Cultures all over the world have recognized the importance of this precious “downtime” which traditionally lasts 21-60 days after your baby arrives.

Unfortunately, many women now feel the societal pressure to “bounce back” after giving birth, thinking that it reflects poorly on them if healing or returning to pre-baby weight or tasks takes too long.

Let’s change the societal “norm”!

Manifest a postpartum experience that will support your needs! If we don’t prioritize this vital time to allow our bodies to rejuvenate it can not only affect our overall health during the first year of our babies’ lives, but it can play a role in hormonal & uterine dysfunction in the future. Make the commitment to nourish and care for your body and support other women in doing the same!

We’re here for you! Reach out if you would like to plan ahead or if you could use some support during this momentous time.

Empowered Pregnancy

You deserve to enjoy a beautiful, healthy experience as you transition into your role as a parent or grow your family!

Having been a birth doula for 20 years I’ve had the honor of supporting numerous parents throughout pregnancy, birth, & postpartum! I happily provide a holistic perspective, a plethora of information, and plenty of loving guidance.

One of the keys to a low-stress pregnancy is feeling confident about your choices. There are a lot of decisions to be made throughout this time and it can easily feel overwhelming. The less mystery surrounding the physical and emotional changes you’re experiencing, and the clearer you feel about your healthcare options, the more you can just relax and revel in the joy of it all!

It’s also helpful to know that common pregnancy discomforts and future health problems can often be avoided when you support your body with nourishing foods, select nutritional supplements, and medicinal herbs appropriate for this unique & special time in your life.

As a functional nutritional therapist and clinical herbalist with extensive knowledge of the wellness industry I acknowledge that there is much to be desired when it comes to conventional prenatal vitamins and cookie-cutter pregnancy nutrition information. You deserve to be seen and supported as the individual that you are! Advocating for yourself and your baby now opens up the opportunity to have healthy partnerships with your healthcare providers for the rest of your life!

Connect with us to learn more and receive customized support for you and your baby!

We love supporting queer parents!

Let’s face it, queer folx are underrepresented in the What to Expect When You’re Expecting world. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE supporting single parents, couples, and families of ALL colors of the rainbow in manifesting empowering pregnancy and birth experiences!

I’ve witnessed the positive shift this can initiate time and again; it has the capacity to set the stage for the way that we connect, parent, and ultimately live!

Blessing Way

Traditionally a Blessingway is a special gathering offering friends and family the opportunity to honor, nurture, and encourage a woman through her transition into motherhood.

We love helping to design and facilitate unique, rite of passage celebrations for pregnant women, an adoptive parent, or anyone looking to mark their transition into parenthood in a memorable way!

Fertility Challenges

Employing a holistic approach in your fertility journey often provides a much welcome shift in perspective. Honoring your amazing body and concentrating on meeting your needs on all levels becomes the new, divine focus. This allows you to regain your footing, take a proactive stance, and view the situation through a new self-love lens.

As holistic health practitioners we see the human body as a whole: no one system or part functions or dysfunctions independently. When someone of any gender finds that they are not able to conceive a child when they choose to, it’s often a sign that their body has other priorities.

Our bodies are innately wise, knowing that in order to sustain a pregnancy and bring healthy children into the world that we need to, ourselves, be in a state of good health. If there are any physiological imbalances, especially within our hormonal systems, then achieving pregnancy might be difficult.

Reclaim your power in your fertility journey!

In order to successfully address fertility challenges it’s important to consider the core aspects of your health like the food we fuel our bodies with, hydration, physical activity level, stress level, the amount & quality of sleep, toxin exposure, and emotional health. Through nutritional & saliva hormone testing, food, lifestyle, medicinal herb, and nutritional supplement counseling, we can start to remove the obstacles to achieving a healthy pregnancy!

By learning and applying the fertility awareness method you can become super clear about your fertility window and create an effective strategy. While cycle apps can be helpful, algorithms can’t take the place of tuning into your own unique rhythms.

If you have already decided to work with a fertility clinic that has a more conventional approach holistic support is the perfect complement! The healthier you are, the better your chances of successful intrauterine insemination (IUI), intracervical insemination (ICI), or in vitro fertilization (IVF)!

We would love to be an integral part of your fertility team!

“China Rose is amazing!!! I have had irregular cycles my entire life and suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome. I have one child that I conceived using fertility medication. My husband and I tried to conceive a second child for a year and a half with no luck. China Rose provided me with the tools I needed to get my body functioning properly. She explained how the food I’d been consuming was affecting my hormones, and essentially taking me further away from getting pregnant. She educated me on the right foods to eat and the proper ways to prepare them. She also recommended supplements & herbs to take to best support my body. Within four months I was pregnant! I will definitely continue to follow the guidelines China Rose has provided me with for the rest of my life. I will be forever grateful to China Rose for teaching me such valuable lessons about how to live a truly healthy lifestyle.”
Lisa, Holistic fertility Client

We love supporting queer parents-to-be!

Many people in the queer community decide to work with fertility specialists in order to achieve pregnancy. While being queer is not in itself a “fertility challenge”, the cost of “trying” can really add up. It helps to be proactive! Creating this robust foundation for your family not only optimizes your health & solidifies your bond, but greatly improves your chances of getting pregnant!