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Learning to Partner With Your Body

The more I learned about physiology over the years the more amazed and fascinated I became. To begin to understand the intricacies of how my body functions and how many processes were happening every moment below the surface without my conscious participation BLEW MY MIND! After years of study and experience I grew to form the same […]

Happy Hour Without the Alcohol

If working with clients over the last 25+ years has taught us anything it’s that our bodies are wise! Many of us lead busy lives and depend on our intelligent bodies to adapt and go with the flow that our lifestyles demand, right? Fortunately, most of our bodies do so relatively well for a number […]

The Top 3 Myths About Women’s Hormones

Having hundreds of conversations with women about hormonal wellness throughout my career has taught me SO MUCH! One thing that comes to my attention again and again is that many women have come to believe things about their hormones that aren’t true. Its not our faults!

Stress Got You Down?

I know what it’s like. The to-do list is over flowing, you’re doing your best to meet expections (both internal & external) and you’re trying to come off as cool and collected while you feel like you’re running a marathon in place. Sound about right? Most of us deal with some level of stress on […]

Dandelion for the Detoxification Win!

Our bodies are amazing and have the natural ability to detoxify on a regular basis as a way to maintain homeostasis, or balance! Our livers are constantly working to filter out substances which are either foreign or are waste byproducts of our metabolic processes. (We must actually detoxify from our own hormones in this way.) […]

Restoring Vitality After Giving Birth

There is this unspoken (and sometimes spoken) expectation for women to “bounce back” after pregnancy and labor and return to their pre-pregnancy selves. In the media we are fed stories about how quickly this actress or singer lost her baby weight or how easily the woman in the article is juggling being a mom with […]