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Holistic Health Education for Yoga Teachers

Yoga Teacher Training


I had been a nutritional therapist and clinical herbalist for many years before becoming a yoga teacher. As I began my teacher training I realized that the functional understanding of physiology and holistic health that my background had provided allowed the new information I was learning to take on deeper meaning & truly come alive!

As we learned the niyamas I was drawn in by svadhyaya: the focus of self-reflection, study & understanding. It made so much sense that learning to observe and listen to our bodies during our practice, and throughout our daily lives, provided the fertile grounds for our personal development and in our role as teachers. It was not unlike the self-awareness I help clients cultivate so they can connect with the roots of unhealthy habits or symptoms.

The light went on! I want to provide other yoga teachers with this rich foundation! The better they understand the beautiful intricacies of their physiology and how to safely utilize the natural, healing tools at their fingertips, the more capable they are of supporting their bodies in customized ways and truly kicking ass at teaching & life! With this fundamental perspective they can be dependable sources of practical health information for their students and support them in realizing their true potential. And the ripple continues…

The juicy topics covered in my holistic health training for yoga teachers include

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“China Rose is amazing! Her passion, knowledge, and her ability to educate her students and clients is unparalleled. Her passion shines through as she conveys a depth and breadth of knowledge to improve any yoga teacher training experience. It is very obvious that she is dedicated to educating and improving the health and wellness of students, teachers, and all of whom she meets.”

                                                                    — Tony, Yoga Teacher Training Student