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Hormonal Harmony: Cultivating Women’s Wisdom

As women many of us feel instinctually drawn to nourish, support and empower those dear to us: our family, our friends, our community…

When you peel back all the layers of the roles you play in your life YOU are at the center.

Are YOU struggling under the weight of the world, having to draw from your reserves to keep everything afloat? Would YOU welcome an opportunity to connect with your inner wisdom and the needs of your physical body in order to nourish, support, & empower yourself?

No matter what stage of your life you are in, your HORMONES play a tremendous role in your physical & emotional health! Symptoms of imbalance include fatigue, irritability, foggy brain, anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping, weight gain, thyroid dysfunction, headaches, PMS symptoms, fertility challenges, hot flashes, bone loss, & feeling uncomfortable in your own skin! Not cool!

By connecting with the beauty of your physiology, and some foundational ways to transform your health, you can look forward to feeling grounded, stronger, and more capable of sharing your gifts with the world!

Hormonal Harmony is a two hour, self-care vacation away from it all! Begin with a lively, demystifying discussion about hormones and what you can do to support them naturally in order to reclaim your health.  Then embody this wisdom with a grounding, hormone balancing yoga session suitable for women of all levels of experience. Craft, herbal, mocktails add the perfect, special touch to this rich, empowering experience!

Contact us if you are interested in hosting a Hormonal Harmony experience for your circle of women! You can also visit our event calendar to see when we might be in your area.

“I arrived at the workshop feeling very anxious and exhausted. After the presentation and yoga session I feel very relaxed and hopeful. Thank you, China Rose and AJ, for an invigorating, life changing experience with more to come!”

~ Kimberly, Hormonal Harmony Workshop Participant


China Rose Zamora channels her 19 years of experience as a holistic health practitioner into her role as a yoga teacher trained in the Raja Yoga tradition. Her fun & informative workshops focus on connecting a demystifying approach to physiology, nutrition, and medicinal herbs with asana, pranayama, & guided visualization. Students come away feeling empowered with holistic tools to lead healthy lives!