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Hormones play a huge role in all aspects of our health. They helped us to grow and develop from babies into adults. They help to regulate our blood sugar, blood pressure, and inflammatory responses in the body. Hormones are responsible for a good night’s sleep and energy production throughout the day. They support a positive, even keel mood and make us feel connected with others. So, when they are out of balance its clear why we don’t feel like ourselves!

Men and woman make many of the same hormones just in different levels. All of our hormones interact with each other just as all the glands in the endocrine (hormonal) system function and dysfunction together. If one of the glands is overworked then it puts stress on the whole system. This why it is so important that when we test hormones that we look at more than just one or two at a time. It doesn’t give us all the information. Here is a great example:

Sometimes a client’s situation can be efficiently assessed and supported without doing any hormone testing. Symptoms can tell a lot of the story. In more complicated or chronic situations saliva hormone testing can be very helpful, making the picture clearer from the start, and allowing us to create a more focused protocol so that results are seen more quickly.

There are many reasons that holistic healthcare practitioners prefer saliva testing to blood testing.

China Rose Wellness choses to work with DiagnosTechs because they are pioneers in saliva-based testing and provide ongoing educational support for their clients. See the link below for more information.

Common saliva tests that we suggest:

For more information see the DiagnosTech’s website at

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