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Parents-to-be are often taught that caring for their baby begins at conception; from the point that pregnancy has been confirmed, the mother should be conscious of what goes into her body and what she’s exposed to.  The truth is that many women go into pregnancy depleted of important vitamins and minerals. Many are struggling with health issues or imbalances that that could affect their health and comfort during pregnancy in addition to their baby’s well-being.

Preconception healthcare should ideally begin six months to one year prior to conception and should start with the health assessment of both parents.  This evaluation includes consideration of their diet, lifestyle, nutrient status, chemical exposure as well as identification and resolution of present health imbalances.

This conscious approach to childbearing has been shown to increase the chances of a having:

  1. A healthy, happy,  comfortable pregnancy
  2. A positive, safe birth with little to no medical intervention
  3. A shorter postpartum recovery period
  4. A baby who is healthy and vital

Preconception healthcare can be very helpful for couples having a hard time getting pregnant or who have experienced miscarriage.  Underlying health imbalances can play a big role in infertility for men and women.

Our preconception healthcare services include