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Nutritional Supplements & Herbs

Step into a world of wellness and vitality with our thoughtfully curated selection of Nutritional Supplements & Herbs, backed wholeheartedly by our unwavering commitment to quality! Discover the finest options to enhance your health journey shipped right to your door! We are proud to have procured a list of our most trusted companies and dispensaries that have everything from time-tested herbal remedies to innovative nutritional supplements meticulously chosen to bolster your well-being. Rest assured, each selection offers a wealth of solutions and has been made with your health and wellbeing as our top priority.

China Rose Wellness trusts Fullscript to power our online supplement & herb dispensary. Here's why you should too:

  • Products are safer and more effective with higher ingredient, storage, and shipping standards.
  • You can shop their extensive catalog to find the brands you’ve come to know and trust OR receive customized product “e-scripts” from China Rose Wellness practitioners.
  • Easily stay on track with refill reminders timed and personalized to suggested dosages.
  • Healthcare’s best supplements and wellness products are shipped right to your door.
  • Enjoy exclusive ongoing community discounts of up to 30% off of retail! 
  • They offer over 20,000 of the highest quality wellness products to choose from including therapeutic personal care.
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Botanical Supplies for the Budding Novice to the Experienced Herbalist

Mountain Rose Herbs has been a staple resource for us since the very beginning and we couldn’t be happier to recommend them to our community! Shop nearly 300 herbs and spices, 85 varieties of tea, and a plethora of herbal tinctures, artisan salts, culinary oils, natural skin care products, soap making supplies, and so much more for your health and harmony!

To top it off their Eugene Oregon facility meets LEED green building standards, they prioritize earth-friendly packaging materials, and they’re fair trade certified! A rich resource you can feel good about supporting!

Great Lakes Wellness: Ingredients Based on Facts, Not Fads

  • Backed by research and testing: Key ingredients are clinically researched to support specific health benefits, and all ingredients are rigorously tested for quality.
  • Crafted by experts: Formulated to taste great, dissolve quickly, and be so easy to use that you’ll want to enjoy them every day.
  • Supports your lifestyle: The collagen and gelatin powders are non-GMO, gluten free, and Halal. Keto certified, paleo and kosher options are also available.

Making gelatin products since 1922,  Great Lakes Wellness have been around long enough to learn what really works. All their collagen, gelatin, and other nutritional products are made with clean, functional ingredients that support the changing needs of your skin, hair, joints, and digestive health. They also created the first taste-free, single-ingredient collagen that could be mixed into any beverage, so health-conscious folks like you could actually enjoy drinking it.  These top quality products taste great, support your health, and blend easily into your everyday routine, empowering you on your health journey and helping you make each year your best one yet! A healthy lifestyle empowers you to live a life you love!

Unflavored Daily Collagen

CellCore: Specialized Cellular Support

CellCore is one of the industry leaders in digestive, immune, and mitochondrial health! Delivering key nutrients to upregulate mitochondrial activity is necessary for the proper function of every cell, organ, and tissue. By formulating supplements designed to support cellular health through proprietary Carbon Technology, CellCore provides natural, root-cause solutions that help us return to homeostasis.

We love that they emphasize the importance of opening up the body’s pathways of elimination prior to detoxification thereby improving health outcomes and optimizing our terrains to sustain long-term wellness!

CellCore is dedicated to providing us with the products, support, and education to approach root cause solutions in a whole new way!

Be Rooted Botanicals: CBD Care and Repair

Explore the world of CBD therapeutics with Be Rooted Botanicals : an awesome, woman-owned company focused on handcrafted CBD care and repair for pain, sleep, relaxation, healing, and pleasure. Each product is thoughtfully crafted to support physical, mental, and emotional well-being. These botanical blends provide a natural way to nurture the body and find balance in the midst of the everyday hustle.

Be Rooted Botanicals offers a holistic approach to wellness, allowing you to indulge in the healing power of plants and discover the benefits of herbal support!