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In their early adult life, women commonly give up their reproductive choices without even realizing it.  By only being introduced to chemical contraception options, they never learn that there is another way that does not include nutrient depletion, hormonal imbalance, and long term side effects.

Natural fertility awareness is empowering for women.  In learning how to tell when you are ovulating and if you are ovulating regularly, you will know when you can become pregnant so that you can plan for a pregnancy.


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[blockquote source=”China Rose”]I believe that by teaching women about their bodies and their health care options, they can make confident, informed choices.[/blockquote]


When the ovulation method is used properly as a contraception method, it is 97-99% effective in helping you to avoid pregnancy.  This rate is similar to the effectiveness of “the pill” but without the side effects.

Our fertility awareness services include:


Holistic health practitioners observe the human body as a whole: no one system or part functions or dysfunctions independently.  When a man or woman finds that they are not able to conceive a child when they choose to, it’s often a sign that their body has other priorities.

Our bodies are innately wise, knowing that in order to sustain a pregnancy and bring healthy children into the world that we need to ourselves be in a state of good health.  If there are any physiological imbalances, especially within our hormonal system, then achieving pregnancy might be difficult.

There are many factors that contribute to this physiological balance: the food we eat, hydration, our physical activity level, our stress level, the amount that we sleep, our emotional health…  In order to successfully address infertility in men and women we must address their core health.  Through hormonal assessment as well as diet, lifestyle, herb, and supplement counseling, we can start to remove the obstacles to achieving a healthy pregnancy.

Please see Preconception Health for more information.

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