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‘Tis the Season for Nourishment: A Holistic Holiday Gift Guide

As we step into this festive season filled with cheer, we’re deeply grateful to be at the helm of a small business and honored to highlight some other women and families committed to their visions! It’s a role that demands resilience, especially in these challenging times and keeping our doors open has required more than a yearly push on Small Business Saturday. To those who’ve stood by us through thick and thin, your unwavering support for our small but mighty team of two (and the few incredible women around the world who help bring our vision to life) means the world to us!

While most of what we offer benefits you for free, some of the links we’re sharing here generate a bit of change for the ol’ piggy bank, supporting our wellness mission and enabling us to continue providing quality content at no cost. When you shop through these links you not only get some awesome discounts, it also makes a difference by contributing to our cause AND for every purchase made a fairy gets its wings! It’s not just about finances (though the rising cost of quality food is undeniable ; ) it’s about creating an impact. Whether these gift options boost confidence, restore balance and vitality, or empower folks to become their own wellness advocates, the impacts resonate deeply.

We’re not ones to “buy for the sake of buying” (especially in a world that seems to think “more is better”) yet, this time of year presents an ideal opportunity to gift yourself or your friends and loved ones the invaluable treasures of nourishment, wellness, balance, and joy.

We invite you to peruse our handpicked collection of fabulous gifts—a selection that continues to provide after the wrapping paper is repurposed. Whether you’re replenishing your natural medicine cabinet or presenting a wholesome, delectable gesture to your children’s teachers, we invite you to embrace the spirit of intentional gifting this season. May our carefully curated (all occasion) gift guide inspire you to give with purpose, bringing a sense of renewal and joy to those who receive your thoughtful offerings.

PaMper and IndulGe Your LOVED ONEs

Homemade Bone Broth: A Nourishing Tonic

There’s something deeply comforting about a steaming cup of homemade bone broth during the cold holidays. Consider gifting this rich and nutritious labor of love, resulting in a jar of golden tonic to loved ones as it boasts a myriad of health benefits, from supporting gut health to providing essential nutrients like collagen. It’s a thoughtful holiday present that conveys care and nourishment. Pack it in mason jars, beautifully labeled, and accompanied by recipes for versatile culinary use.

If you want to read more on the wonders of this liquid gold, hop on over to our Nourishing Bone Broth blog including a recipe that’s oh-so delicious ; )

DIY Fermentation Fun: Cultivate Culinary Creativity

For the health-conscious foodies or those intrigued by the art of fermentation, Kraut Source is the perfect gift. This fermentation kit allows users to create their own probiotic-rich, homemade krauts, pickles, and kimchi. With an easy-to-use design and high-quality, plastic-free materials, Kraut Source makes fermentation accessible to everyone and we’re here for it! 
Combined with a variety of starter cultures from Cultures for Health  you can empower your friends and family to take control of their gut health when you give the gift of DIY probiotics, allowing them to enhance their overall well-being from the inside out. 

Grateful Feet Foot Scrub: Pampering Self-Care

Create a spa experience at home or treat loved ones to a spa-worthy experience with Grateful Feet Foot Scrub & Soak. Packed with nourishing herbs and magnesium salts, this exfoliating scrub revitalizes tired feet, offering a pampering touch.

Nothing says self-care like an herbal foot bath!

Use a generous amount of this therapeutic scrub on your well-deserving feet over a foot bath basin filled with warm water. That way you can double dip by following up with a luxurious soak immediately afterward! The scents of lavender, rose, and white sage will literally melt stress and tension away!

Tree Tribe: Sustainable Style for Nature Enthusiasts

Combine fashion with sustainability by exploring Tree Tribe’s collection of eco-friendly gear. From bamboo sunglasses to reusable water bottles, each item is designed with nature in mind. Some of our favorite gifts are made with fun and innovative materials like handmade leaf leather, sustainably harvested Teak or Banana leaves that are mended with fabric and sealed to preserve the beauty of nature’s designs. 

Gifts from Tree Tribe are a statement of style and a commitment to the planet. Inspire your loved ones to embrace sustainable living with these chic, earth-friendly lifestyle items. They not only provide stylish products but also give back to Mother Earth by planting trees for every purchase. Win win!

Lifeboost Coffee: Elevate Your Coffee Experience

For the coffee aficionados in your life, Lifeboost Coffee offers a journey into the world of exquisite, single-origin, organic coffee beans. These beans are meticulously processed to deliver an experience, free from contaminants and rich in flavor.

What sets Lifeboost apart for us is their trademarked TrustPure™ Process, rigorously testing for mycotoxins, molds, heavy metals, pesticides, plus 400 other toxins—ensuring the cleanest beans! Their fairly traded, stomach-friendly, low-acid beans are mountain shade-grown to full maturity, handpicked, spring water washed, and sun-dried before each fresh roast. 

AND, for decaf lovers Lifeboost employs the Swiss water decaffeination process, a health and eco-friendly alternative that uses only water unlike traditional methods that use harsh chemicals like methylene chloride or ethyl acetate. More than a beverage, this is a commitment to quality, sustainability, and an elevated coffee experience that invigorates the senses and supports a healthy lifestyle if coffee is a must.  Gift the joy of a morning ritual that transcends the ordinary!

Boo-Boo Salve: Nature's Healing Touch

Nature’s remedy for life’s little mishaps, Boo-Boo Salve is a healing balm for minor cuts, scrapes, burns, bites, and the like. Formulated with care and crafted from all natural ingredients, this salve is a comforting and practical holiday gift for the adventurous souls in your life.

Safe for adults, kids, and animals alike this is a medicine cabinet staple! Neosporin, schmeosporin ; ) 

Talk about a stocking stuffer that will be appreciated all year long!

LiteGear Bags: Travel with Ease and Style

For the adventurers and travel enthusiasts on your list, LiteGear provides a perfect blend of functionality and style. With a range of innovative travel bags, backpacks, and accessories, that are designed to make the journey as enjoyable as the destination it’s quite easy to find something for everyone! They even have an under $40 category where you can find compressor cubes and one of our favorite bags, the RFID-City Tote

LiteGears high-quality, lightweight, durable, and thoughtfully designed products connect the world and help to reduce their impact on the planet and oceans. Created from upcycled plastic bottles by breaking them down and working them into yarn to produce eco-friendly fabric, these bags redefine the travel experience, ensuring that every trip is a seamless blend of practicality and sophistication. Gift the joy of effortless travel with LiteGear!

Be Rooted Botanicals: CBD therapeutics

Introduce your loved ones to the world of herbal wellness with Be Rooted Botanicals – handcrafted CBD Care and Repair for pain, sleep, relaxation, healing, and pleasure. Each product is thoughtfully crafted to support physical, mental, and emotional well-being. These botanical blends provide a natural way to nurture the body and find balance in the midst of the holiday hustle.

Be Rooted Botanicals offers a holistic approach to wellness, allowing your friends and family to indulge in the healing power of plants and discover the benefits of herbal support.

Use discount code CRWELLNESS

Winter Wellness Kit: Empowering, Seasonal Support

Our bodies are amazing in their capacity to maintain balance, heal, and address foreign “visitors”, however, with the introduction of the stressors and toxins of today’s world our bodies could use a little support in their efforts.


Embrace the colder months with this confidence-building collection of immune-supportive remedies. Including preventative, acute illness, AND recovery formulas this kit easily tops the list of winter wellness essentials and makes a great gift for anyone looking to stay well this season!

Omnia Balance: Give the Gift of Balance and Harmony

Our connection to computers and cell phones for work feels constant these days. But until we find that little off-grid piece of heaven on earth to settle with the Zamora Vardo and are able to exchange daily computer work for daily farm work, Omnia Balance products are our go-to for creating resonance in our bodies amid the stress of modern technology. With firsthand reports and the comprehensive test results on the heart, blood, body strength, and water which show the great health benefits of harmonizing EMF, its no wonder they are consistently a top recommendation among professionals and those sensitive to EMFs alike.
As humankind navigates the uncharted territory of 5G and the surge in microwave radio frequency energy at a volume that our bodies have never before been exposed to, Omnia’s mission is clear: to offer the best, rigorously tested EMF harmonizer available and to share peer-reviewed research that shows that biological life is adversely affected by our exposure.
Whether it’s for your own well-being or gifts for the health-conscious tech “nerd” in your life, with products that are designed for vibrational wellness Omnia is dedicated to ensuring that personal energy fields maintain balance without compromising cell signals or data downloads. Use discount code CRWBALANCE

Samina Sleep System: Sleep Better and Upgrade Your Health!

Meet SAMINA —an eco-luxury organic mattress system dedicated to rejuvenation. We LOVE our SAMINA Sleep System and love that the mattresses are handcrafted with premium organic materials, such as organic latex, virgin wool, and pure cotton. A true gift to ourselves and our overall well-being as it is designed to promote optimal spinal alignment, reduce pressure points, and enhance blood and oxygen circulation for a deeper, more restful and refreshing sleep experience, free from tossing & turning.
But SAMINA offers more than just comfort. Innovative features like the grounding pad connect you to the earth’s energy, easing inflammation and stress while enhancing mood, immunity, and vitality. The inclined bed frame minimizes snoring and acid reflux, improving circulation and digestion. Revolutionize your sleep quality and quantity with the gift that keeps on giving. Don’t settle for a potentially toxic and uncomfortable mattress when you can invest in your health and happiness with SAMINA! Experience the transformative power of pure sleep! Use discount code CRWSLEEP. And, if the timing is right, there might be a FREE sustainable, solid wood bedframe in it for ya!

Homemade Herbal Simple Syrup for Cocktails and Mocktails: Elevate the Spirits

Elevate the beverage experience with homemade herbal simple syrup! Whether for crafting cocktails or creating alcohol-free mocktails, these syrups adds depth and flavor. Crafted from a blend of aromatic herbs and natural sweeteners, they add depth and complexity to both cocktails and mocktails. 

It’s a holiday gift that encourages creativity in the kitchen and allows your loved ones to indulge in flavorful beverages without the need for excessive sugar or artificial additives. Package in decorative bottles accompanied by recipe ideas, inviting them to explore a world of delightful drinks.

Say goodbye to store-bought alternatives laden with artificial flavors and sugars, and embark on a journey of flavor and fun!

Free Spirit Elixir: A Toast to Wellness

Elevate the spirit with Free Spirit Elixir—a unique blend of grounding, “chill-inducing”, and adaptogenic herbs! Crafted to promote well-being, this alcohol-free elixir is a thoughtful holiday gift for those seeking a flavorful journey towards relaxation without the need for traditional spirits.

The carefully selected botanicals in this sophisticated formula help to ease tension & anxiety, soothe the nervous system, & relax muscles right away while supporting liver health, brain function, & reducing the negative impacts of stress when enjoyed over time!

At 1-2 tsp per spirit-free cocktail, it’s a great choice whether decompressing after a long day or hangin’ with friends.

100% amazing. 0% alcohol!

Limoncello Bitters: A Zestful Mixology Delight

Add a burst of flavor to this festive season with Limoncello Bitters. Crafted with organic ingredients, this delightful concoction enhances both cocktails and mocktails. A perfect gift for the mixology enthusiast or anyone who appreciates the zestful essence of citrus in their beverages.

While the underlying bitterness is vital in its therapeutic function, ours has delightful hints of lemon and chamomile that make it enjoyable to use on its own or as an integral addition to an herbal mocktail or craft cocktail. 

It pairs beautifully with our Free Spirit Elixir as a pre-meal aperitif or post-meal digestif!

Pranamat ECO: DIY Full Body Massage... IYKYK!

When you gift the Pranamat ECO massage set those weary bodies will be eternally grateful! It’s designed to alleviate muscle tension and pain while promoting overall well-being through stimulating the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. Improved metabolism and oxygenation, will combat inflammation and stimulate the body’s natural healing processes through increased blood and lymph flow. Feel the tension melt away, alleviating stress and headaches to embrace quicker sleep onset, deeper rest, and wake up feeling rejuvenated. Who doesn’t need that!?!
Bonus flex: they’re crafted from zero-waste materials, and powered by renewable energy!

Infrared Sauna: A Sanctuary of Serenity

Picture the comforting embrace of an infrared sauna—an oasis for relaxation and detoxification. Gift the tranquility of an Infrared Sauna, transforming any space into a serene spa haven. This timeless present offers therapeutic infrared heat promoting detoxification, stress relief, and a blissful escape.

We have a blog in the works (ready soon, fingers crossed) that will break down our top infrared sauna picks—suitable for everyone on your list. From portable options like the Sun Home Infrared Blanket with EMF-shielding technology to full size choices such as Clearlight Infrared Saunas offering 13 models, including sturdy outdoor designs.

We love their detailed Buyers Guide: What to Consider When Buying an Infrared Sauna which covers craftsmanship, sustainability, heater technology, EMF/ELF levels and much more—ensuring the perfect selection. Plus, they have great customer service—for any queries or to make a well informed purchase you can talk to a real live person! What a novel idea ; ) 

Head on over to Clearlight Infrared Saunas or @clearlightsaunas100 and mention CHINA ROSE WELLNESS when you speak with one of our sales reps for an extra discount on your order ; )

Herbal First-Aid Kit: Natural Care Essentials

If you know someone who is interested in incorporating herbs into their everyday life this kit will make the perfect gift! While many medicinal herbs do their best work when taken consistently over time there are many herbs that are amazing, effective tools in acute situations!

The Herbal First-Aid Kit is a treasure trove of natural remedies, providing comprehensive solutions for everyday ailments. Packed with herbal goodness, it’s a thoughtful toolkit for promoting wellness and consistent self-care. 

Enjoy The Wood LLC: Personalized Wooden Wonders

For gifts that are as unique as the individuals receiving them, turn to Enjoy The Wood LLC. Specializing in beautifully crafted wooden items, from personalized wooden maps and family trees to intricate puzzles, each piece tells a story. These timeless, customizable creations are perfect for those who appreciate the artistry of handmade gifts that stand the test of time.

Give the gift of a bespoke experience with Enjoy The Wood LLC, where every creation is a testament to the beauty of personalized craftsmanship and the joy of receiving something truly one-of-a-kind. Use discount code XMAS14

3D Wooden World Map

Peace, Love, & Wellness Box

The Peace, Love, & Wellness Box is a specially selected collection of wellness treasures, available for a limited time only! This curated giftbox features seven products from top-notch brands we adore. Inside, discover an array of fantastic wellness finds, spanning body care, nourishing goodies, and botanical wonders for healing. 

It’s the perfect present for anyone open to exploring holistic products. This bundled collection, valued at over $125, is priced at just $75 this holiday season!

Quality Cookware: An Elevated Cooking Experience

Transform your loved ones’ cooking journey with safe, exceptional cookware. We advocate for toxin-free options like cast iron, stainless steel, glass, and ceramic kitchenware above all others.

Whether for a seasoned chef or kitchen novice, we love the safety, versatility, and durability of ceramic options like Xtrema Cookware. Enhance the cooking process and ensure each dish is crafted with care for flavor AND well-being.

You might also consider cast iron pans as an affordable, long-lasting, and safe option for gifting. Both our giant 15 inch Lodge skillet that was gifted to us many years ago (eternal thanks Bro!) as well as the beautiful & sturdy Stargazer are daily favorites in our household.

All are conscious choices for anyone who values the art of healthy cooking!

Make Dinner for Someone: A Heartfelt Culinary Experience

Sometimes, the most precious holiday gift is the gift of time and effort. Offer to make dinner for a friend or family member, creating a wholesome and delicious meal prepared with love. The richness of a homemade meal goes beyond just sustenance. It lies in the therapeutic act of chopping vegetables, the aromatic dance of spices in a simmering pot, and the satisfaction of crafting something with care. 

In recognizing the challenges many face in finding the time, energy, or expertise to cook regularly, we have an opportunity to extend the richness that comes from preparing meals with intention and love.

Five-Star Food Delivery: Consistent Nourishment for the Busy Bee

Surprise your overly busy family members, new moms, or hungry college students with the gift of quality nourishment this holiday season!  Organic, high-quality food and meal delivery services are the perfect treat for those always on the go. 

We love Thrive Market! It’s the easiest way to shop healthy. Memberships start for as low as $5 per month and their selection of non-GMO, organic, and gluten-free options grow by the day! You can even save up to 30% on every order!

Take the stress out of meal prep with the gift of meal delivery for people with very little time—a thoughtful gesture that ensures they enjoy wholesome, delicious meals without the hassle. We’re all about Trifecta, with several meal plans to choose from, and Paleo On The Go, which is a great option for those on a focused healing path.

This holiday, show your loved ones you care by gifting them the luxury of time and the joy of savoring nutritious, chef-crafted meals at their convenience.

China Rose & AJ Zamora have been in the business of empowering people with holistic health tools for over 20 years! China Rose is a functional nutritional therapist, clinical herbalist, & yoga teacher who found her perfect “partner in wellness” in AJ: a functional fitness trainer, wellness coach, & green living extraordinaire. Together they serve their community as China Rose Wellness providing remote health coaching options, online programs, inspirational workshops, & transformational retreats!

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